The Plantaurel laboratories

Since 1985, the Plantaurel laboratories have specialised in the manufacturing of hygiene products, more particularly of granule syndets basis. No other French laboratory makes this raw material which is the main component of the hypoallergenic cleansing bars (synthetic bars).

These “soap–free soaps” are solid cleansing bars with acid pH (or neutral pH). Our company has also developed a syndet/soap concoction(or combi bar).

Our lab offers as well the development of custom–made cosmetics. The formulation will adapt to your specific project and meet your requirements while respecting the regulation in force.

For a few years, we have elaborated a new kind of product: Potassium soap, colloquially called soft soap (black soap). Our experience enables us to adjust, make and condition soft soap in various forms (liquid, paste…) for cosmetic application or other use.


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